Neuralhub is a system that makes working with neural networks easier, helping AI enthusiasts, researchers and engineers to create, experiment and innovate in the AI space. Our mission extends beyond providing tools; we're also creating a community, a place to share and work together. We aim to simplify the way we do deep learning today by bringing all the tools, research, and models into a single collaborative space, making AI research, learning and development more accessible.


Stage 1 - BUILD

Build a neural network from scratch or use our library of common network components, layers, architectures, novel research, and pre-trained models to expertiment and build something of your own.


We are yet to fully understand how these networks work the way they do and how to make them autonomous and generalise. Staying ahead of continuous research and development in the AI field poses a significant challenge, particularly for newcomers eager to learn and experiment with these novel inventions. We recognize the need for a unified space where everything comes together, facilitating a collaborative environment for learning, research and development.

How deep can you go?

We have released the beta version! Join the waitlist for new updates.